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Since 1985, Pier-C Produce located in Leamington, Ontario has aimed for excellence as a grower and shipper. Partners Ken Pearce and Doug Pearce bring over fifty years of experience in the produce and commercial trucking industries.

Pier-C Produce is a year round supplier of onions, carrots, parsnips, beets and rutabagas as well as a seasonal supplier of green bell peppers, pumpkins and cabbage. With 5400 acres of quality food that is grown in various regions of Ontario, we provide our customers versatility and excellent product inventory. Pier-C Produce employs exceptional storage techniques and innovative technology to increase production with state of the art packaging equipment for flawless presentation.

Our growers are of the highest standards and are selected from the most fertile growing regions in Ontario. By utilizing these growers our carrots, onions, parsnips and beets are grown in rich black soil which allows us to provide our customers the best field produce available. Pier-C produce services retailers, wholesalers and processors across North America with fresh in-season field produce, and carrots and onions year round. Our carrots are polished to maintain a fresh appearance and our onions are cured to help gain a longer shelf life, before being stored in temperature controlled warehouses.

With our location at the southernmost tip of Canada, along with the utilization of heat units which are more intense than any other, we are able to be the first grower/shipper on the market in Canada. This enables us to beat all other growing regions by at least 4-6 weeks. We pride ourselves on consistent quality and year round availability of our core items. As an accredited food-safe operation, we have instilled a traceability program for our farms that is second to none. With our own in-house transportation company we have the flexibility to provide you with full or less than full loads on time and over night to most major North American markets, providing you with the freshest field produce when you need it.

Pier-C Produce is always looking at new ways to promote our products which is why we offer an extensive variety of specialty packs. Our long time loyal customers know the Pier-C label represents consistent quality produce at competitive prices.

That is our difference!

Pier-C Produce  | Supplier Of Carrots, Onions, Beets, Rutabagas & Parsnips | Toll Free: 1.888.783.8459 | Email: info@piercproduce.ca
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