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Welcome To The Pier-C Southern Operation

To solve the issue of seasonality, Pier-C Produce has expanded its operation into Mexico. In an effort to provide our customers with premium quality, consistent supplies and competitive prices on a year round basis, Pier-C now grows and packs carrots in Mexico during the winter months. By controlling every phase in production, Pier-C can ensure that our reputation for quality and service remains pristine. With our quality-centric approach to everything we do, Pier-C's Mexican operation has realized steady growth year after year since its inception in 2010.

By revolutionizing the way carrots are farmed and packed in Mexico, Pier-C can offer the best quality on the market at any given time. With state of the art facilities, Primus GFS certification, and only the most modern farming techniques, Pier-C's customers can rest assured that they will be provided unparalleled service and consistency 12 months a year. Pier-C applies the same stringent standards to food safety and quality control in both Canada and Mexico, so we know our customers are being delivered only the finest and safest produce.

Through our distribution facility in McAllen, Texas, Pier-C can offer the same full load or LTL service to the same destinations as our Canadian headquarters. Through extensive planning, Pier-C can provide a seamless transition between Canada and Mexico with uninterrupted supplies. Freshness is guaranteed as our production is shipped daily into Texas immediately and stored in perfect conditions until shipping.

We invite you to browse this website and get a better look into our Southern Operation. We hope to hear from you and hopefully make you a part of the Pier-C Program!

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