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About The Product

Nantego Carrots

1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 5lb, & 10lb Cello
25lb & 50lb Jumbo
Nantego - 15 x 1lb Master Cartons

Historically, Mexican carrots have always been shorter with a dull orange tone, attributed directly to the variety of carrot grown. To ensure a quality, consistent product, Pier-C has introduced several different varieties to Mexico. Pier-C's varieties result in a brighter, longer, tapered carrot that is similar to the Canadian carrots that our customers have grown accustomed to. The Pier-C Mexican carrot program provides a Canadian carrot, grown in Mexican soil…subject to identical food safety and quality standards that we have in our Canadian plants.
The quality is the driving force behind the success of this program.

Not only is Pier-C's Mexican production superior to other Mexican carrots, but the quality and efficiency of our operations has proven to be a better alternative to any other growing region available during the winter months. Below, is some additional insight into our Southern Operation, including a comparison between our products and other popular alternatives.


“I have just finished a 5 lb. package of your terrific carrots from Mexico. I purchased them at the Price Chopper Store in West Lebanon, NH. I have just sent my praise to the Price Chopper website. I love good Carrots and these are as good as the ones I pick fresh from my New Hampshire garden in the fall.”
John A. Clements

“I always like to give praise for a job well done and your Mexican carrots were excellent. I don’t usually buy Mexican carrots but your carrots look and taste different.”
Henrietta Baldwin
“I see after that your carrots were from Mexico. How long will you be selling these Mexican carrots to Florida? I would like to use these carrots until your Canada carrots are here again. Please keep shipping these to Altamonte Springs and I will keep buying.”
Howard Li
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