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Mexican Program

Program Overview
Located in Leon, in the heart of Mexico, Pier-C Produce has exclusive access to 1400 acres of carrot fields. Mexican carrots have long been in the North American market, however there were always certain concerns regarding the quality of the product. Pier-C Produce acknowledged these concerns and as a result of our time, actions, changes and investments, we now have a final product that is worthy of carrying the Pier-C brand. Growing the best possible product is paramount for the Pier-C brand and the Mexican carrot program fits this philosophy. The following reasons are what make the Pier-C Mexican Carrot Program different.

Farm and Facility
Our packing plant in Mexico is state of the art by any standards, tooled with the most modernized automated packing machinery available, including washers, polishers and hydro-coolers. The Mexican facility was designed to mimic the Canadian facility and is at the fore-front of technology and efficiency. This ensures an efficient process and competitive prices to all of our customers. Pier-C is third party accredited by Primus Labs at both the farm and plant level, with superior scores year after year. At the same time, the Mexican carrot facility is complete with its own on-sight water treatment plant providing bacteria-free and chemical-free water throughout the course of production. Using Pier-C quality control standards, premium quality production is guaranteed at any time. Pier-C can offer the Pier-C label, private label services, as well as the flexibility to accommodate any specialty packs that our customers require.

Cold Storage and Logistics
Pier-C's carrots are delivered and distributed through an ultra-modern cold storage facility in McAllen, Texas. This facility ensures that every load is inspected upon arrival to meet the standards put forth by Pier-C Produce. Detailed pictures and reports are sent to Pier-C on a daily basis for review by our Quality Control team and Operations Team. The cooler environment is maintained at optimum levels to ensure proper storage, to maintain freshness, and to extend the shelf-life for our customers.

Ease of Transition
Pier-C has gone to great lengths to ensure that the transition to our Mexican carrots is a seamless one. For our retail customers, the same UPC code is printed on the "Product of Mexico" bags as the Canadian bags. Through the formation of a large network of carriers, customs brokers, agronomists, and produce specialists, Pier-C ensures that doing business across three countries goes as smoothly as possible for everyone. Year after year, Pier-C becomes increasingly excited about the quality of our Mexican produce and have invested significant amounts of time and money to ensure that our carrots are of the highest quality and at the forefront of food safety and traceability.

Key Elements
Exclusive access to 1400 acres of carrot fields in Leon Mexico.
State of the art packing plant.
Third party accredited by Primus Labs at both the farm and plant level.
Offering the Pier-C branded label or private label.
Carrots are immediately delivered to a cold storage facility in McAllen Texas.
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